Millions of viewers see Painshill on TV’s The Greatest Dancer

Millions of viewers saw Painshill on prime time Saturday night TV as our 18th-century landscape featured on BBC1’s The Greatest Dancer.

The show, in which dance acts compete for a £50,000 prize and the chance to appear on Strictly Come Dancing, had an international theme this week and contestant Hannah Martin was tasked with performing a routine based on Greece.

Painshill’s replica of the Temple of Bacchus was used in a video segment in which Hannah, a former British Rhythmic Gymnastics champion, practised her routine before performing it to judges Oti Mabuse, Cheryl Cole, Matthew Morrison and Todrick Hall.

Paul Griffiths, Director of Painshill, said: “This shoot was great fun to do and a brilliant opportunity to show Painshill off on one of TV’s biggest shows. We’ve had lots of positive feedback, with plenty of comments about how beautiful the park looked!”

Despite appearances, the Temple of Bacchus isn’t actually Greek – the original was built to house a statue of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and busts of Roman emperors. The architectural order used on the Temple was a variety of Roman Doric including high and thin columns and molded column bases. The version at Painshill is one of several eccentric follies dotted around the 158-acre garden, developed in the 18th century by the honourable Charlies Hamilton.

Painshill is a popular location for film crews – its lake currently features in an advert for insurance company Experian, and it also featured in the Netflix hit Black Mirror.

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Badger CAM

Many badgers make Painshill their home.

A day visitor however will never seen them. Hardly any of the staff have.

Recently the team have set about trying to get some footage of the elusive and shy creatures. Armed with a night vision camera and a little knowledge of what sets might be active we set up in the day and then left the area.

Take a look at the footage from the first night below and catch a glimpse of the animals living on site.

On the first weekend we managed to get the badger back with a friend!

And badger CAM is not just for badgers!


Take a look at the first footage of badgers in the daylight!

We have teamed up with the West Surrey Badger Club to get more camera on the ground and they got footage of some badger families! Take a look at some badger cubs:

We will not be giving out the exact location in the park. We ask people to please respectfully leave the badgers in peace when visiting the landscape.

Follow us on Facebook to get updates on them. We hope to collect more footage of them and other wildlife in the area.