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The Turkish Tent

  • From inside the Turkish Tent
  • View of bridge in Summer
  • Reflection of the Turkish Tent
  • The Turkish Tent
  • Turkish Tent in Autumn


The final spot on the historic route, 18th century guests would have finished at the Turkish Tent and stopped to admire the view. The vista deliberately mirrors the one seen from The Gothic Temple and completes your circular walk around the work of art.

The living painting, seen from the tent, changes with the time of day and the season making a visit to Painshill beautiful all year around.

Come and see the view…

History and Restoration

The charity re-created the tent in the 90s because all that survived was the brick floor. The structure, originally built from brick, wood, canvas and papier mache, is now brick, wood and fibre glass to ensure it continues to survive.

Painshill Turkish Tent Illustration
Painshill Turkish Tent Now

Painshill from the Air

Painshill Through The Seasons