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The Ruined Abbey

  • The Ruined Abbey
  • The Ruined Abbey
  • The Ruined Abbey
  • Ruined Abbey in winter
  • Swans in Autumn
  • The Ruined Abbey from afar


Theatrically placed around the landscape the buildings in the landscape are designed to be seen from different angles. As you follow the trail you will catch glimpses of them, inviting you to walk on and discover more surprises.

The Ruined Abbey sits wistfully by the water’s edge and casts stunning reflections into the serpentine lake. In the 18thcentury monasteries and abbeys would often produce wine so the architecture complements the vineyard planted next to it. It was designed to be a ruin to add an air of history and remind the visitor of the past.  

History and Restoration

The Ruined Abbey was the last of Hamilton’s garden buildings. He built it in 1772. However it was one of the first to be restored. 

Painshill Ruined Abbey - 1970s
Painshill Ruined Abbey - Now

Painshill from the Air

Painshill Through The Seasons