Outdoor Learning for Key Stage 1

Key stage 1 outdoor learning

Outdoor Learning for Key Stage 1

Painshill offers a range of curriculum-based outdoor learning activities for Year 1 and Year 2 which incorporate outdoor play and encourage teamwork. Each led activity uses a different approach to help pupils connect with the environment and their fellow classmates.

Learning for Key Stage 1

Activities will be tailored to your school group and the weather but can include any of the following: 

Cave Painting

Pupils search for natural materials on a scavenger hunt. Clay, mud, roots, petals, leaves, chalk and home-made charcoal are then ground up to make the water paints. Pupils then create their own Painshill wild woodland animal using sticks, feathers and finger painting techniques.

Sensory play
outdoor art

Outdoor Art

Pupils begin their art adventure with a leaf hunt, searching for different shapes, textures and sizes. Pupils use their imagination, observational skills and a variety of media to create a landscape painting.

Minibeast Safari

Look for creatures that live in different habitats. Through play and games, pupils learn about creatures including how they live, camouflage and how to identify them.

Key Stage 1 bug hunting
Fairy tale walk

Fairytale Story Walk

Pupils go on a story walk through the magical Painshill landscape, past temples, towers and ruins. Pupils join in the storyteller’s tale with drama, dance, games and amazing props.

Pond Dipping

Pupils investigate the creatures living in Painshill’s shallow lake before taking their catch back to the ‘Bug Lab’ where they use a digital microscope and identification keys.

Key Stage 1 pond dipping
plant explorer

Plant Explorers

Take the life journey of a Painshill plant. Starting as tiny seeds, pupils use games to disperse, germinate and avoid hungry birds to grow into terrific trees. Using their imagination and new-found knowledge, pupils make a micro-garden.

Den Building

Pupils use natural materials to build and weatherproof their dens before a final camp inspection and waterproof testing. Den Building can be adapted for different projects, for example, roundhouse settlements, historic dwellings or survival shelters.

Key Stage 1 den building
dragon quest

Dragon Quest

Set out on a mysterious quest to discover the very last Dragon’s egg and save this magical species from extinction. Working in teams, pupils must follow the Dragon Guide through the fiendish traps and challenges laid by the Dragon Hunters.

Pirate Adventure

Come dressed up as a pirate for a day of swashbuckling challenges. This includes peg-leg races, sea-monster making and other exciting pirate challenges. Pupils follow clues to find the buried treasure at the end of the day.

Pirate adventure
plant explorer

Sensory Walk

Pupils use their senses on a nature walk through Painshill, exploring textures and shapes on a scavenger hunt to make a natural perfume.

Sensory Explorers – The Crystal Cave

A journey to Painshill’s crystal Grotto, exploring the vineyard, ruins and forest. At the Grotto, pupils discover craggy rocks and glittering crystals; explore light and dark; experience the texture of the rocks and the sounds of the water.

sensory explorers
poet tree

Poet Tree

Go on an adventure with words to find the magical poet tree. Take on exciting wordy challenges to solve riddles. Pupils make massive word picture using describing words they have found on their adventure.


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Painshill is an award-winning 18th century landscape garden where you are invited to walk around a work of art. Winding paths will take you on a journey to discover a living canvas with beautiful vistas and dramatically placed garden buildings. Stroll around the Serpentine Lake, wander through woodland and promenade past follies, including the Ruined Abbey, Gothic Temple and Turkish Tent.

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