The Chinese Bridge

The urgent need to re-build the Chinese Bridge

A crucial restoration appeal

Painshill Park Trust urgently needs to rebuild the Chinese Bridge. The Bridge was restored in the 1980s and, after 40 years of use, the wood is unstable and needs replacing.

History of the Chinese Bridge

The first version of the Chinese Bridge was built in 1760 and was created when all things “Chinoiserie” were in fashion. It created a beautiful way to take the walker across the lake to explore the Crystal Grotto, which is hinted at by the rock arch which the bridge heads towards. Painshill Park Trust restored the bridge using traditional wooden materials in the 1980s. This has lasted over 40 years.

Why this project is important

The bridge is a vital part to Painshill Park, linking the park to Grotto island which is where the staggering Crystal Grotto lies. It is a crucial gateway of the journey to continue through the park as Hamilton had envisaged in his plans. Without the bridge, the journey is broken as is Hamilton’s vision.

Regular visitors to Painshill will have clearly noticed that throughout 2023 due to closure of the Chinese Bridge, a temporary pontoon was installed as a means of access to Grotto Island. The temporary pontoon is extremely costly which Painshill cannot keep in situ, it is not a permanent solution.

The existing bridge needs to be removed in its entirety and re-built completely which involves a major project.

We need to raise £250,000 for this project and we need your help. Be part of this amazing restoration journey and donate today.

Donate today to help build a bridge

After divers confirmed the Bridge needed to be re-built completely, a plan was pulled together with dedicated experts who advised on what the next steps are.

The existing bridge will be removed. A new bridge will be built and installed using steel struts (‘legs) to ensure longevity. The main bridge structure will be in wood made with sustainable timber and will replicate the previous design.

We are fundraising £250,000 to urgently re-build the Chinese Bridge back to its original form so that it can be used and enjoyed by all our visitors.

This will cover the cost of scaffolding, removal of the existing bridge and re-creating the new build by experts, along with support of the landscape team at Painshill.

Please note, should we receive more funds than are needed to re-build the Chinese Bridge, these will be used towards other restoration projects at Painshill.

Chinese Bridge Appeal- Help us to replace the Bridge to Grotto Island

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