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Painshill - Your Safety

Your safety

For your safety and the safety of others please follow Painshill regulations when visiting us. Take care on uneven surfaces and steep slopes around the landscape. Please be aware of open water and bridges. Swimming or paddling in the lake is not allowed. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Please do not disregard signs or safety barriers.

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Dogs are very welcome at Painshill. Please keep your dog on a short fixed lead. Dog waste bins are available throughout the landscape. Dogs are not allowed in the follies or the Tea Room. Assistance dogs are allowed in all areas. Dogs are not permitted at special events unless otherwise advised.

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Picnics are welcome at Painshill. We kindly request that you do not eat in the follies. Please ensure you take all your litter away with you. Lighting fires, using a barbecue or bringing in helium balloons are not permitted. Benches and tables are available outside the Tea Room.

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Feeding the ducks

Please do not feed the wildlife at Painshill.

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Photography and Drones

Non-commercial photography with a handheld camera or phone is encouraged. We love to see your shots – please share your photos with us on social media! To use Painshill for commercial photography, or a non-commercial photoshoot (such as a student project, pre-wedding or family photoshoot), or to bring in specialist equipment like tripods, props or drones please apply for a license from the Painshill Park Trust.
The flying of drones without permission is not permitted.

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Bikes and Scooters

A bike or scooter is permitted to be used by a child under the age of five (must be supervised by an adult at all times). Larger bikes or scooters are not allowed. A bicycle rack can be located at the Visitor Centre, where bicycles may be stored at the owners’ risk. Rollerblades, skateboards, and other similar recreational items are not allowed.

Painshill ball games

Lawn and Ball Games

You are welcome to bring balls, frisbees or other small lawn games to Painshill. Any toys or sports equipment that are larger or disruptive to other guests will not be allowed in.

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Please refrain from the following

  • Cursing or yelling at any other visitor, volunteer or staff member
  • Smoking in the buildings or in dry weather (notices are posted in the Visitor Centre when smoking is not allowed)
  • Barbecues or fire pits
  • Picking flowers or plants
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Illegal substances
  • Changing or removing your clothes
  • Musical instruments or radios/players with loud speakers
  • Helium balloons are not allowed in the landscape

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Things to See & Do

Painshill is an award-winning 18th century landscape garden where you are invited to walk around a work of art. Winding paths will take you on a journey to discover a living canvas with beautiful vistas and dramatically placed garden buildings. Stroll around the Serpentine Lake, wander through woodland and promenade past follies, including the Ruined Abbey, Gothic Temple and Turkish Tent.

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