Santa will not be coming to Painshill Christmas 2021

Santa will not be returning to Painshill for Christmas 2021.

We understand the very special place that Santa in the Grotto holds in people’s hearts and, for that reason, we have worked hard to try to make the event viable. We are sorry we cannot do this for Christmas 2021.

In Christmas 2019 the Grotto and the landscape flooded. Painshill Park Trust was forced to cancel Santa and refund thousands of pounds of tickets. The following year we were forced to cancel Tea with Santa when COVID-19 restrictions were enforced.

With COVID-19 and the risk of winter flooding this event would pose too much of a risk for our small charity.

We look forward to welcoming families to our winter trail in the landscape. After our popular and well received Snowfari in 2020, this year will take you to a landscape full of dinosaurs – Snowsaurus! Walk the trail and discover incredible statues including a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex!

We hope you will still make Painshill a day out this season and we very much look forward to welcoming you and your family for a winter walk.

SNOWSAURUS Christmas 2021