Landscape Letters Autumn 2018

Dear Visitor

What a great year so far, fabulous sunshine, rain when required (sometimes) and then this glorious late sunshine we are currently enjoying.

We harvested the grapes a few weeks ago with the help of a willing band of volunteers, we estimate that this year’s crop was in the region of 4 tonnes – a massive increase on last year’s harvest of half a ton. In approximately 18 months time the wine will be returned and on sale in the shop – why not buy a bottle and give it a try? We will now start pruning the vines and preparing them for next year’s growth and fingers crossed for a good harvest.

Over the last few weeks we have cleared a number of overgrown areas of the landscape opening up lost views in the process. One of the most noticeable and significant views we have re-opened is from just before Woollett Bridge across to the Mausoleum. Stand on the slope running down to the bridge and look towards the Mausoleum and you should see the left-hand side of it across the lake. This view is extremely significant in the ‘journey’ around Hamilton’s Landscape as it gives a hint of what’s to come and pulls you along to the next structure. In addition, we have begun working on the view from the Gothic Pavilion to the Temple of Bacchus – this will require a lot more clearance and will take us a little while longer. Why not check on our progress over the next few months?

The Autumn colour this year is stunning with the Acer rubrum on the South side of the Chinese Bridge Peninsula looking gorgeous. It changes from green through red, orange, purple and reflects itself perfectly in the lake on a still day. Also, the Ash trees along the South Bank are displaying fiery shades of red as they go through their Autumn colour range.

We have removed the steps running up to the shop terrace due to maintenance issues. Removing them has solved this issue and improved the entrance route. The slope has been sown with grass seed and is greening up very nicely.

The harvest in the Kitchen Garden for this time of the year is bountiful with a bumper crop of pumpkins, squashes, leeks, chillies, peppers and cabbages. Some of this produce is being used by Hamilton’s Tearoom to create tasty seasonal dishes.

Don’t miss the Autumn colour, it is glorious. We recommend extending your walk to seek out the Hermitage, explore the Alpine Valley and bask in the sunshine by the Temple of Bacchus.

Best Wishes

The Landscape Garden Team