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Volunteer interview of the month

To celebrate Volunteer’s Week 2019, Painshill are delighted to launch our new Volunteer Interview Blog!

Each month we will be showcasing a volunteer from our team who gives their time to keep Painshill running and looking stunning.

Around 160 volunteers work for Painshil. They worked a total of 15,000 hours during 2018. This figure covers the Landscape, Visitor Centre, Crystal Grotto, Watermill and the Tower Café.

We are extremely grateful to all our volunteers for their dedication and effort. They are vital to Painshill and its success!


Volunteer Interview of the month – Aug 19

Graham Dash

What is your role at Painshill? 

I’ve been a volunteer since October 2012, starting as a Grotto Steward. After my retirement, the following May, I went on to become a Tour Guide, occasional speaker to outside groups, a member of the Grotto Service Team, and Landscape Team helper. My hobby of photography has also come in useful with many of my photos being used by Painshill.

Why did you choose to volunteer at Painshill? 

I have been a regular visitor at Painshill since the early 1990s and in 2012 picked up a leaflet on one of my visits asking for Grotto Stewards. I wanted to give something back to Painshill and felt that I could provide a few hours a month art weekends while still working. After I retired I had more time to do more.

What is the thing you love most about your work at Painshill? 

The privilege of being able to work in such a beautiful and idyllic place, the chance to learn more and be able to pass that information on to interested visitors.

What is your favourite spot at Painshill? 

In so many ways this is a difficult question to answer. However, if I have to choose just one spot it has to be the view from the Turkish Tent across the lake to the Gothic Pavilion (also said to be Charles Hamilton’s favourite view).

 A selection of Graham’s amazing photos. Take a look at some more on Graham’s Flickr 




Volunteer Interview of the month – July 19

Pauline Wood


What is your role at Painshill?

So I am currently doing flower arranging for the Tea Room.

They are beautiful. We love them and get loads of comments about them!

Ah thank you. It is nice to bring a bit of nature inside isn’t it.

And you find them from around the landscape?

Yes all the foliage is from the garden. I used to do flowers from the Kitchen Garden but sometimes they don’t last in the heat so occasionally I bring in other bought flowers.

Why did you choose Painshill to volunteer for?

Well I worked in an office, I worked for British Airways for about 40 years and got made redundant. Then I just liked the idea of being outside. I was stuck inside for so long I just wanted to be outdoors.

What is the thing you love most about your work at Painshill?

I think it’s very therapeutic and calming. And also it’s just a lovely opportunity to be out in the garden. I go and pick the foliage and just look at what’s happening in the garden, what’s coming into flower, because I am just interested in plants anyway as I did a design course.

Oh ok, so you have done lots of flower arranging?

Not really, only here. I did a very short course just for interest a couple of years ago and then this opportunity came up and I just thought it would be lovely to do just have a go. I have a thing about Tea Rooms as well. Something about them!

What’s your favourite spot at Painshill?

Oh difficult to say. I love the Temple of Bacchus. I did my last design at college on it so I spent a lot of time measuring things and looking at the views. So it is still quite special to me.



Volunteer Interview of the month – June 19

Sue Cockle

What is your role at Painshill?

Currently I am doing some administration work in the office, but in my 3 years of volunteering I’ve done lots of roles here at Painshill. I started out as a Ranger and continue to do this, it is great as you get to walk around the landscape and enjoy all it has to offer. I’ve worked in the pop-up café at the Gothic Tower, I have also filled in at the Visitor Centre, plus lots of other things when events take place, not to mention helping bringing in the grape harvest. It was while working in the Visitor Centre that a member of staff made me aware that they needed help in the office and so since Autumn last year I have been helping out there.

Why did you choose Painshill to volunteer at?

Having retired I was looking to find some voluntary work but did not want to work in the ubiquitous charity shop. I was looking to find something to do that involved being outdoors. While searching a website offering volunteer opportunities locally I saw something for Painshill. When checking their website, I saw they were having an open morning soon encouraging new volunteers, so I went along and the rest as they say is history. There were lots of different roles, everyone seemed really friendly and there was lots of flexibility about how much time volunteers could give. One of the volunteers took us through the landscape to the Crystal Grotto and I realised what a beautiful place it is, I had not visited in years and realised what a hidden gem it is.

What is the thing you love most about your work at Painshill?

I enjoy the camaraderie of all those who give their time to Painshill whether employees,  volunteers or the trustees, everyone is so enthusiastic about the place.  I also love  it when new visitors say what a wonderful place it is and that they must come back again.

What is your favourite spot at Painshill?

The Temple of Bacchus is possibly my favourite. When I first started volunteering there was just an outline of where the building stood, and in my time here I have seen it restored. It is not just the building that I like but  the view out over the Surrey countryside from where it is situated within the landscape is stunning. Hamilton really had an eye for drawing you to a location with his follies only for it to reveal some other vista from it.