Summer news from the Landscape Team

We have spent a lot of time over the last few months watering, we have lost a few things but on the whole most “new” trees and shrubs have survived.

The vines are looking healthy at the moment – all the hot, dry and windy weather is ideal for them. We estimate that this year’s crop will be in the region of 4 tonnes. Harvest is generally at the start of October so fingers crossed until then.

Due to the hot dry weather our lawns have turned a lovely shade of golden brown, we do not water any of our lawn areas as grass generally re-grows after a good shower of rain.

Our hay crop this year of the meadows was a “bumper crop”. We cut the hay in June which gave the wildflowers plenty of time to set seed, we then cut the hay and turn it 2-3 times before we bale it up. The majority is sold for animal feed.

The lake has turned greener than the lawns due to the lack of rainfall, excessive temperatures and no in-flow from the river (via The Waterwheel).

In order to counteract the drop in water level and low oxygen content of the lake (which is detrimental to the aquatic life) we have installed a system which pumps water and air into the lake.

Due to a generous donation we have continued with reconstruction works on Grotto Island. This year we have reconstructed the pinnacle to the South and removing the land which over time connected it Grotto Island. It now stands alone in the lake beautifully framed as you look across the lake, under the Grotto Bridge from the North Bank.

The Kitchen Garden has produced an abundance of lovely veggies which the tearooms are using to create mouth-watering dishes.

Even though the weather has changed back to what we are used to in this “green and pleasant land” do take the time to stop and enjoy the Landscape, sit a while and contemplate on the beauty of the long view from the Turkish Tent, or go further and relax on the Elysian Plain, once you have done this reward yourself with tea and cake from the Tearooms.


Best Wishes from the Painshill Landscape Team.