Netflix’s Bridgerton, Season 3, filmed at Painshill

Members of the Bridgerton cast

Photo Credit: Netflix/Bridgerton

Did you spot the Painshill landscape or Painshill employees in Bridgerton?

The hotly anticipated season 3 of Bridgerton is now available to watch on Netflix and eager fans have been counting down the days to enjoy the latest episodes of their favourite show.

This season will focus on the romantic escapades of Penelope Featherington as she decides now is the right time to take a husband, but who will capture Penelope’s heart?

With spectacular scenery and decadent costumes, Bridgerton is a feast for the eyes and is winning rave reviews from audiences all around the world.

Painshill was delighted to welcome back the Netflix team in the autumn of 2022 to film some dramatic scenes for season 3 of Bridgerton.

Bridgerton Season 3 - Some scenes filmed at Painshill. Credit - Bridgerton/Netflix

Photo Credit: Netflix/Bridgerton

This season, four members of Painshill staff had the incredible opportunity to join in the fun by becoming Supporting Artists.

The Painshill colleagues submitted their applications to Netflix and were excited when they were called up for costume fitting, hair and makeup.

During the filming, the Painshill crew were right in the middle of the action, getting to see how the magic happens behind the scenes!

The week before filming commenced, the Bridgerton team transformed Painshill into a Regency era funfair, complete with stalls, cakes, toys, a maypole, a bar, a Punch and Judy show and many colourful marquees. Hanging over the entire area was a huge, bright green crane carrying a hot air balloon basket. Bright green of course because it would need to be edited out later and a hot air balloon added in by the talented Netflix editing team.

The attention to detail was so striking, every prop was perfectly placed, every flower arranged beautifully. The Painshill crew learned some wonderful tricks of the trade, such as the fact that the food is sprayed with plastic to make it last longer and many of the marquees hid camera equipment or crew members.

Chrissie from Painshill, who played a stall holder, said:
“It was a wonderful experience to be part of the Bridgerton team and we are all so glad we did it. We came away with a huge amount of admiration for the level of work involved in making the production and for the hard working people who make their careers in television. Thank you to all the team who made it possible. We have the most incredible memories of our time with the Bridgerton production team and cast.”

Painshill employees as Supporting Artists in Bridgerton Season 3

Painshill employees as Supporting Artists in Netflix’s Bridgerton, Season 3

In this latest season of Bridgerton, Painshill features in episode 3, entitled ‘Forces of Nature’. Dramatic scenes unfold when the Hawkins Hot Air Balloon looses control in gusty weather and main character, Colin played by Luke Newton, rushes to prevent a catastrophe from happening.

Bridgerton Season 3 - Some scenes filmed at Painshill. Credit - Bridgerton/Netflix

Photo Credit: Netflix/Bridgerton

Painshill previously featured in the first season of Bridgerton when the Duke of Hastings, played by Regé-Jean Page, won a host of admirers with his outstanding performance and dashing good looks.

Many Bridgerton fans have visited Painshill, from far and wide, to enjoy spending time in the same location as their favourite Bridgerton characters. Why not pop along to Painshill to promenade around the landscape and see the locations used for filming?

Season 3 of Bridgerton filmed at Painshill Credit @samosphillipos Instagram

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See some of the dramatic scenes filmed at Painshill: