Garden Update November/December 2016

Over the last few months we have been focusing mainly on clearing the leaves from the main grass areas of the Landscape. We blow/rake together the majority of them into long lines and drive the tractor and trailer along and scoop them into the back. Then they are then transported up to the compost area to the rear of the Turkish Tent and mixed with well-rotted farmyard manure. Over the course of 18 months or so the heap is turned and mixed (using the tractor and loader) to ensure that it all rots down sufficiently.

We then re-use the resulting lovely rich mixture to mulch any new plantings and to top-dress the beds. This mixture is low in nutrients but rich in organic matter which helps to improve the soils general structure. In addition, by using it to dress the surface (or mulch the beds) we retain more moisture in the soil, suppress weed growth and help the soil to warm up quicker in the spring.

At a rough estimate we reckon that we collect and compost approx. 10 tonnes of organic matter which when composted (for the required time) is then re-used in the Landscape. We do not buy in any additional organic matter for mulching or soil improvement.

There is not a great deal in flower around the Landscape at the moment, but with the leaves off the trees the “bare bones” of the Landscape are revealed as are seldom seen glimpses through trees. So why not grab your camera, pull on your wellies and winter coat and come for walk and see what “new” images you can capture over the next few months………………………………………………….( and share them with us on our social media.)

Best Wishes and Seasons Greetings from the Landscape Team.