Key Stage 3

Outdoor learning activities for Key Stage 3

Painshill is an ideal location for a beginning of term team building day or end of term fun day. Our KS3 day of shelter building and orienteering is an excellent way to get students working together, communicating, building friendships and getting to know their teaching staff. It is also a really fun and memorable day, which gets them out into the fresh air, exercising and allowing them the freedom to move and express themselves.

Shelter Building (led activity)         

After a short hike through the Painshill landscape, groups of students compete to create structure that needs to keep them warm and dry, using nothing but the natural resources and their ingenuity. Shelter Building is a brilliant team builder, encouraging initiative, co-operation, problem solving and communication. The session finishes with a camp inspection and water test, in which students have the opportunity to present their shelters to the rest of the group and find out if they really are waterproof.

Geo-Orienteering (self-led activity)

Classes or groups will split into teams, using maps and compasses to find their way through Painshill’s varied landscape of woodland, meadow and parkland to search for orienteering markers. At the end of the session teams will gather and their scores will be added up to find out which team used their map skills to find the most number of markers. This is a self-led activity which teachers can run, and is included in the price of the Painshill-led Shelter Building activity, as it makes the perfect follow-on activity to complete your day at Painshill. Resources and introduction instruction will be provided by Painshill.