Key Stage 2 Team Building

Den building

Pupils use natural materials to build and weatherproof their dens before a final camp inspection and waterproof testing. Den Building can be adapted for different projects, for example roundhouse settlements, historic dwellings or survival shelters.

Dragon Quest

Set out on a mysterious quest to discover the very last Dragon’s egg and save this magical species from extinction. Follow the Painshill Dragon Guide through the fiendish traps and challenges laid by the Dragon Hunters.

Survival Skills

Pupils go on a journey through the landscape, tracking wildlife, identifying poisonous and useful plants and take on survival skills team challenges. Pupils learn how to build a safe camp-fire and find out the best way to toast a marshmallow.

Pirate Challenges

Working together as a crew, pupils undertake swashbuckling challenges including peg-leg races, sea-monster making and the eye-patch blindfold trail. Pupils follow clues to find the buried treasure.

Your day

Each activity is a half day session. Book another activity for the rest of the day or go exploring with a self-led trail.