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The Mausoleum

  • The Mausoleum
  • The Mausoleum in Autumn
  • The Mausoleum


The Painshill follies are carefully positioned to rouse different emotions. The Mausoleum, surrounded with dark yew trees, creates a contemplative corner. It was meant to remind visitors of the transience of life. 

From the Mausoleum the visitor catches a glimpses of the Waterwheel and the Temple of Bacchus to create a contrast and to invite them to walk on. 

History and Restoration

The Mausoleum should have a full arch and display urns and antiquities. It fell into ruin with the rest of the garden after World War II. It is an example of the work still to do and why Painshill Park Trust is grateful for your support. Ticket admissions and membership income go back into the restoration and upkeep on the landscape. 

Painshill Mausoleum - Hannan 1773
Painshill Mausoleum - Today

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