A new car park for Painshill

New Car Park at Painshill

Painshill Park Trust is pleased that during 2022 the landscape garden will undergo a project to build a new car park.

Many members and visitors to Painshill will be aware that in wet weather the current car park deteriorates quickly and the surface becomes very muddy and uneven.

In order to secure the future of Painshill and to enable us to deliver a fantastic visitor experience a new car park has long been needed.

Painshill Park Trust has been working hard to resolve the issue for a number of years.

We are pleased to have been granted both financial assistance from Elmbridge Borough Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy and planning permission by EBC in autumn 2020.

The new car park will be located on Goldstone Field, directly across from the entrance bridge, which EBC has leased to Painshill. The existing car park will be returned to Green Belt once the new car park is in use.

It will include 260 car spaces on a hard standing surface, 5 coach spaces and 8 accessible or Blue Badge parking bays which will be situated close to the entrance bridge. It will be supplied with appropriate drainage and electricity for future CCTV and lighting.

Timeline of the work

February 2022

Work will begin on preparing the field. Some trees will need to be felled and bushes cut back. We will do this work within the guidelines of an expert independent ecology report. It will be completed as early as possible before the nesting season to ensure the least amount of disruption to birdlife. The reptiles and amphibians in the area will be surveyed and, if needed, protected or moved to new habitats.

Before work commences, archeologists will survey the area. They will be digging around 11 trenches to record the area carefully and uncover anything of historical importance.

Approx. May 2022

Work will begin on building the new car park. Regular updates will be added to this blog, please check back to find out more.

Approx. August 2022

The new car park will open for visitors and work will begin to return the site of the old one to Green Belt. We will be replanting as grassland to ensure there is a continued habitat for wildlife and that we minimize our environmental impact.

Into the future

When funds allow, Painshill Park Trust intends to continue to improve the car park by installing CCTV, electric car charging points for a sustainable future and electric security gates. The new car park will be designed in a way to allow these improvements to be made in stages in the years to come.   

If you have a question or would like to know more please take a look at our FAQs or email us at 


Will there be times when there is no parking at Painshill?

No, there will always be parking available for visitors. Due to the fact we are moving the site of the car park we will be able to keep the old one open until the new one is ready.

Will the new car park still be free for visitors?

Yes, the car park will still be free. We will continue to enforce that it is only used by people visiting the landscape garden.

How can Painshill Park Trust, a small charity, afford a new car park?

Painshill has been granted financial aid from EBC’s Community Infrastructure Levy as well as using some of our own funds.

Will walkers still be able to access the footpath/public right of way?

Yes, a right of way will be maintained at all times. However it might move location. Please follow the signs at all times when walking through the site.  

What will happen if the archaeology work finds something of significant historical importance?

If items of historical interest are found during the archaeology work, further trenches will be dug. Painshill Park Trust will be liaising with Surrey County Archaeologist. We will not know the outcome of this work until it is completed so please keep an eye on this page or our social media for updates.

How will you ensure you reduce your environmental impact and don’t disrupt the local wildlife?

The tree felling, clearing and building work will be undertaken in strict accordance with an expert independent ecology report.  Painshill Park Trust will do its utmost to ensure that, while making space for cars, we minimize the impact on wildlife and the environment.  Once the new car park is open the old one will be replanted and returned to Green Belt.

How does this project secure Painshill’s future?

Painshill will have its own car park that will be used throughout the year. The existing car park is rented, incurring an annual cost for the charity.