Special Education Needs Science & Nature

Pond Dipping

Just five minutes from the Education Centre, pupils can safely net pond creatures. For young people and groups who are not able to dip, our staff can collect a diverse pond catch of creatures prior to your visit. Pond creatures will then be examined either at the lake edge or in our Bug Lab.

Minibeast Safari

Pupils discover some of Painshill’s hidden creatures by searching up in the trees and below the leaves in some wild habitats. Each has its own inhabitants, ideally suited to their surroundings, which can be identified and their different lifestyles studied and compared.

The Grotto Rocks

We have designed ‘The Grotto Rocks’ to enable pupils to develop skills to explore the geology and geography of the crystal Grotto through sensory exploration and experiments.

Your day

Each activity is a half day session. Book another activity for the rest of the day or go exploring with a self-led trail.