Team Building

Bivouac building                  

Using natural materials from the landscape and utilising their newly taught knotting skills, students compete to create structure that needs to keep them warm and dry. Bivouac Building is a brilliant team builder, encouraging initiative, co-operation, problem solving and communication. Students hike through the park and use natural materials to build bivouacs.  The session can be adapted to focus on subjects including habitats, structures, materials and renewable energy, creative design, historic dwellings or survival skills (see Restoration Project: Design and Structures).

Fire, Friction & Survival Skills

Students will try different ways of lighting a fire and use a range of materials to apply their knowledge of burning to an everyday context. They will have the opportunity to learn how different ways of lighting fire use chemistry in different ways. They will also learn important survival skills including wild navigating, tracking and stalking.

Environmental Challenges

Students will take part in an orienteering activity, completing scientific challenges around Painshill to help them explore the surrounding environment. They will collect data to help them consider how the environment changes naturally and through human interaction.

Project Restoration: Living History

A great cross curricular team builder to start off the autumn term or for an activity week with a historical theme. Activities are hands on and suit a range of learning styles allowing pupils to show off their different skills and approaches to problem solving as part of a group. Students are posed a real problem faced by Painshill in the restoration of the landscapes and teams compete to create the best solution. The session includes a real archeological dig and object analysis of previous finds, as well as examination of documentary evidence from the archive and elements of design work.