Landscape Art

Landscape Art Workshop at the crystal Grotto

Students travel around the landscape to a series of active art work stations thus introducing to various styles of creating landscape art. Working individually and within groups, students use photography, charcoal and chalk as well as natural woodland materials to create stunning art projects. The session is based in our stunning crystal Grotto and field centre, allowing Student to explore light, dark and framing in an inspirational setting.

Wild Art Project

Students mould clay sculptures in the woodland using natural clay dug from the riverbank, recreating and reinterpreting statues, sculptures and decorative pieces found in Painshill and the Crystal Grotto. Seasonal plants are gathered by students and then ground to make their own paints which they can use along with charcoal and chalk to create stunning cave paintings. As an extension to this session students can make their own charcoal, lighting a fire in the woods and using our home made mini charcoal burner.

Bespoke Art Activities

This stunning landscape is the perfect setting for a huge range of art activities. We can create a bespoke art field trip and time specifically for you group, linking to you in class work and suited to your schedule and needs. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and to see the landscapes and facilities.