Adventure Parties

Discover & Explore

Perfect for adventurers, enjoy one of our exciting adventure parties and get the chance to dress up as your favourite monster, pirate or mystical fairytale creatures. Discover the landscape by venturing across the woods and taking part in one of our fun crusades.

Party Options

Come dressed up in your wolf suits or monster onesies and take a wild journey into the woods. Hunt for natural treasures and use them to make marvellous monster masks and play monstrously fun outdoor games.

Dragon Quest 
A magical quest for adventurous girls and boys! Come cloaked as witches, wizards, fairies or even courageous knights, and set out on a mystical quest to discover the very last Dragon’s egg. Follow the Painshill Dragon Guide through the fiendish challenges laid by the Dragon Hunters and save the day.

Pirates Adventure 

Come dressed up as pirates for a day of swashbuckling challenges. With peg-leg races, sea-monster making, building sandcastles and the terrible eye-patch trail, triumph in each challenge to win the lost treasure map clues and find real buried treasure.

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