adventure birthday

Adventure Parties

Painshill’s Adventure Parties are perfect for your young explorer’s Birthday! These exciting, outdoor parties will give children the chance to discover the natural woodlands, wildflower meadows and mysterious temples and ruins of Painshill. The Adventure Party would include six different activities, all carefully designed to ensure children have an exciting mix of energetic games, friendship building activities and creative challenges. Our Adventure Parties can all be adapted to suit children aged 4 years to 10 years. Choose for one of our exciting themes below!

Enchanted Forest 

A magical quest for adventurous girls and boys! Oh no! Those tricky tree trolls have stolen the Painshill Dragon’s egg. Will you overcome the fiendish challenges and work your special tree magic to save the day? With lots of simple, energetic games, chances to play and work with friends and space to explore, this party is perfect for younger explorers from 4 year to 7 years old as a rough guide.

Pirates Treasure Hunt

Yo-ho-ho! We’re off to find treasure me hearties! Birthday children will get to be a pirate captain and take on the swashbuckling challenges including peg-leg races, sandcastles building, the terrible eye-patch trail and much more. Painshill’s very own resident pirate, Captain Sparrowlegs (aka Brown-and-a-bit-ginger Beard) will help you triumph in each challenge to win the long lost treasure map clues and find real buried treasure. Perfect for children from 5 years to 8 years, but adaptable for younger children on request.

Woodland Adventure

A natural adventure into our wild woods. Inspired by our Forest School programmes, our Woodland Adventure is a wonderful opportunity for children to explore and connect with the natural environment on their special day. With a range of fun sensory games, animal tracking, woodland art and the chance for a treat around a real camp fire it really is a Woodland Adventure. This is our most adaptable party, and suitable for 4 year to 10 year olds. Painshill’s Forest School trained party leader will be happy to talk through activities and create a special adventure for your child.

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