Current fundraising projects

Temple of Bacchus

The Temple of Bacchus was in many people’s view the most magnificent building in Charles Hamilton’s landscape. It represents the final phase of Painshill’s landscape design, originally completed in 1762. With restoration works now well underway on the Temple of Bacchus, we are now fundraising for the ornate interior including the ceiling, specialist joinery and portland stone flooring, along with the reproduction of the original pedestal designs which once stood proud within the Temple of Bacchus.

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The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum at Painshill is a replica of a ruined Roman Triumphal Arch. Positioned a third of the way around the route, the Mausoleum was intended to remind visitors of the transience of material things. The building featured numerous niches containing altars, ornamental coffins and cinerary urns. Most of there were antiquities which Hamilton had collected on his Grand Tours of Europe. We are now seeking funds to complete the restoration of the arch, with the preliminary cost approximated at £125,000.

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The Landscape

Our dedicated team of gardening staff and volunteers work extremely hard to maintain the grounds at Painshill, and introduce original plantings including the John Bartram Heritage Collection of North American trees and shrubs. We are currently fundraising to purchase more tools and equipment needed to consistently preserve the landscape here at Painshill.

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