Adventure Parties

Wild Things!
Come dressed up in your wolf suits or monster onesies and take a wild journey into the woods. Hunt for natural treasures and use them to make marvellous monster masks and play monstrously fun wild rumpus games.

Dragon Quest
A magical quest for adventurous girls and boys! Come dressed up as witches, wizards, fairies or knights and set out on a mysterious quest to discover the very last Dragon’s egg. Follow the Painshill Dragon Guide through the fiendish challenges laid by the Dragon Hunters.

Pirates Adventure
Come dressed up as a pirate for a day of swashbuckling challenges, with peg-leg races, sea-monster making, building sandcastles and the terrible eye-patch trail. Triumph in each challenge to win the lost treasure map clues and find real buried treasure.

To book call 01932 868113 or email Education Team