Membership FAQ

When does a membership start from and expire?
We do not put start dates on membership cards, only expiry. Whatever date you take a membership out i.e. 12th January, the membership is issued with an expiry date of the end of the month i.e. 31st January.

How many membership cards are issued?
There is only ever one card issued.

How many names can be put on a membership card?
With joint and family membership a maximum of two names (must be living at the same address) can be put on the card.

What if a member forgets to bring their card to Painshill?
The member will be charged normal admission if they cannot display a valid card.

What if the members’ card is lost, stolen or defaced?
We will replace the card for a cost of £5.00. This can be processed at either the visitor centre or by contacting the Membership Manager.

Can a membership be purchased as a gift?
Memberships make ideal gifts; these can be processed at the visitor centre or by contacting the Membership Manager. The gift membership can either be sent directly to the individual or to the person purchasing the gift.

Can I Gift Aid a membership?
You are able to Gift Aid a membership if you buying it for yourself but not if you are buying it on behalf of a friend or as a gift.