Key Stage 3

Outdoor learning activities for Key Stage 3

Our experienced Education Team is able to organise a whole week of outdoor learning activities at Painshill as well as individual days. There are also opportunities to arrange special activities for the gifted and talented.

For more information, call Education on 01932 868113 or fill in our callback form.

Geography Challenges (KS3)

Learn how to orienteer using grid references and OS maps. This outdoor learning activity requires problem solving, wayfinding and compass work.

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Field Trips (KS3)

Learn how to survey a variety of habitats and ecosystems (terrestrial and aquatic surveying – including butterfly transects).

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Team Building (KS3)

Working individually and in teams, pupils take on various challenges within the natural landscape. Requires creative thinking and problem solving.

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Landscape Art (KS3)

Art activities that use different mediums such as photography, drama and storyboards. Create Andy Goldsworthy style sculptures and landscape art.

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Design a Structure (KS3)

Design an environmentally friendly building for Painshill. This activity works through the whole design process from initial brief to the presentation of a model.

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