Key Stage 2

Outdoor learning activities for Key Stage 2

Painshill offers curriculum based outdoor led activities. Whether you are learning about the Romans, Victorians or World War II, the historic landscape transports you back in time. Investigate habitats, wildlife and plants or develop your map, teamwork or survival skills.

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Christmas Adventure (KS2)

Have a Christmas adventure at Painshill. Visit Father Christmas in the crystal Grotto, enjoy a festive natural decorations workshop and explore the wonderful winter landscape.

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Geography Challenges

Create your own map of Painshill with Wild Navigation or use grid references, compasses and tracking skills on a World War II Search and Rescue mission.

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Science And Technology (KS2)

Experiment with forces and motion. Discover renewable energy and environmentally friendly building.

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Natural Art (KS2)

Art adventures using natural materials. Choose Cave Painting or Wild Art, with landscape painting and woodland collage.

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Discover History (KS2)

Learn about Roman Legions, Greek Myths, the Victorians and World War II through role play, games and archaeological digs.

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Investigate Nature (KS2)

Discover food chains, adaptation and life cycles. Investigate habitats and invertebrates. Learn about plant anatomy and seed dispersal.

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Team Building (KS2)

Bivouac Building and Survival Skills are a great way to foster co-operation and team skills; Dragons Quest encourages friendship and problem solving.

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