The Plantings

Heritage Collection

Painshill has been awarded full collection status for the John Bartram Heritage Collection of North American trees and shrubs by Plant Heritage (NCCPG). The story of the collection is told in the beautiful Walled Garden at Painshill.

The Amphitheatre

The Hon. Charles Hamilton’s Amphitheatre which featured shrubs and trees in varying sizes, textures and shades of green to construct the six-tiered arena, has been recreated and is pruned by hand once a year.

Seasonal delights

The Chinese Bridge Peninsula features trees and shrubs which form part of the John Bartram Heritage Collection. The trees and shrubs flower from May to August and then put on a spectacular display of colour in the autumn.

Colourful displays

Flowering shrubs at the Elysian Plains give a heady show of scent and bloom in the summer, while flowerbeds mix the types of perennials and annuals once planted by the Hon. Charles Hamilton.