Follies and features

Magical follies

The unique 18th century follies which include The Ruined Abbey, Turkish Tent, Gothic Temple and Gothic Tower have been carefully restored by Painshill Park Trust.

Crystal Grotto

The crystal Grotto has been restored thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and other private donations. Hundreds of thousands of crystals including calcite, gypsum, quartz, and fluorite were used to re-create this extraordinary folly, which dates back to 1760.

The Waterwheel

The Waterwheel, which operates today, was built by Bramah & Sons in the 1830s to replace the original. It is one of the largest working wheels in the UK. Restored in 1987, the Waterwheel is maintained by volunteers.

Historic vineyard

The Vineyard was restored in 1992-93. Two and a half acres were replanted with the Pinot Noir cultivar planted by Hon. Charles Hamilton in the 18th century, plus Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc hybrids – to reproduce Hamilton’s Painshill Sparkling Wine.